We suggest that visitors park in one of the two lots next to the Firestone Tire (the cost for cars is $4 a day) on the corner of Campbell and Williamson. Both are owned by Premier Parking. For anyone attending there is a parking garage right next to Center in the Square and it is $8 a day. *IMPORTANT! – If you choose to park in the garage next door, you will still need to walk out of the garage and around front in order to enterthe lobby of this building. The side doors in the garage are always locked.​

Contact information for two downtown parking companies:
PARK Roanoke – 540-343-0585 – They manage lots and garages for the City of Roanoke.
Premier Parking – 540-685-4905 – They are a private company that manages a number of downtown parking lots.

We highly recommend that you encourage everyone in your family/group to use the restroom on the first level of our building before coming upstairs to Kids Square. These large multi-seat restrooms are perfect for accommodating multiple people in your group. The restrooms may be found to the left and right behind the stairway.