Masks are recommended while visiting Kids Square but are not required at this time. We continue our strict cleaning procedures and hand sanitizer is available throughout the museum. 

Rules are important and will be reviewed at EACH VISIT to the museum. Please be patient as our rules are designed to keep children safe and to give everyone in the museum a similar experience in each exhibit area. Parents are asked to help enforce rules. Kids Square Staff is required to address rules that are being broken.

AN ADULT MUST BE WITH A CHILD TO ENTER KIDS SQUARE. This is for the safety of families in attendance. If you are meeting a family member at Kids Square, please coordinate to meet before party arrives. If not, staff will have to escort single adults that say they have family playing.

PLEASE LEAVE ALL ITEMS IN THE AREAS WHERE THEY ARE PLAYED. Why? So that all children have an opportunity to play and experience each area as intended. Examples: Dress-up clothes are left in the theater area and not worn in the museum; money stays in the bank; grocery carts in the grocery store, etc.

CARS. Our plasma cars MUST be driven with feet up on the car while moving the steering wheel back and forth so the car will move itself. Placing feet on the ground to move it causes the car to go too fast and puts others at risk of getting hurt. The smaller cars with hoods are intended for our much younger guests and feet on the floor is permitted.

NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE MUSEUM. Allergic reactions, ants, and a mess…we want to avoid all of these in the museum. So we do allow you to leave the museum to enjoy outside food and drink options and you may come back until close of the day you visit.

We understand this is a tough one when you have multiple children. When designing the museum, thought was put into dividing the exhibit areas in such a way to encourage a rotation type of experience. We even left doors in certain areas to help define those spaces. We suggest that you have a conversation with your children prior to your visit to discuss the amount of time you will stay in each area before moving on to the next one. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this post and helping us make Kids Square the place to EXPLORE, PLAY AND LEARN.