The museum’s exhibits are varied to encourage exercise, imagination play, dexterity, socialization and creativity all while educating. Every area will have dress up costumes and appropriate imagination items to promote pretend play and social interaction with others. There will be toddler and crawler spaces throughout the museum to allow accessibility for multi-children families. There will be exhibits promoting health to teach good habits that will benefit them for a lifetime. The museum will educate in reading, art, and math while promoting play through imagination, exercise, and other hands-on activities.

Exhibit spaces…
Television Studio
Grocery Store
Dental office
Hearing Office
Veterinarian Hospital
Car Dealership
Dig Site
Interactive Tables
Educational Classrooms
Party Rentals
Sensory/Light Room
Black Light Exhibit
Private Nursing Station/Changing Tables
Reading Nook
Miniature Stage/Puppet Theatre
Interactive Floor
Get Active Play Centre
Arts and Crafts
Cars with a Road
Tree Identification
Musical Instruments
Air Cannons